Recommended Course Sequence Information

Thanks to the amazing help of SRJC's Information Technology department, we now have a dynamic (as opposed to static, PDF) Recommended Sequence of Courses.

When you submit this template to the Curriculum Office, the public views the information below:

Recommended Sequence of Courses breakdown

Not only will this new interface automatically change as the schedule is updated, but it will be more accurate for students and counselors by reducing issues caused by manual, human, error. 

To ensure that this new process runs smoothly, we simply need your recommendation of the ideal order full-time students should complete their coursework. To submit changes to your program's Recommended Sequence of Courses fill out this template and submit it to the Curriculum Office. Changes to Recommended Sequence of Courses may happen at any time and are not subject to any approvals.

We also strongly recommend you review your program's Recommended Sequence of Courses on a regular basis. Thanks to the automatic input of information, it's easier to see potential issues with a Recommended Sequence of Courses. To view the current Recommended Sequence of courses, visit the Degrees/Majors/Certificates page, locate the program of study, and look for the Recommended Course Sequence link towards the upper, righthand corner of the program. If the link is not present, it means there is not a current Recommended Course Sequence on file and a new one will need to be submitted.

Common issues to look for include:

  • Changes in scheduling - perhaps a course used to only be offered in spring and now it's offered only in fall so a Recommended Sequence of Courses may now have a fall only course scheduled with spring only courses
  • Changes in prerequisites - perhaps a prerequisite was added to a course but never incorporated into the Recommended Sequence of Courses

Other tips for submitting a new or revision to a Recommended Sequence of Courses include:

  • Doublecheck to ensure all required courses have been included in the Recommended Sequence of Courses
  • Doublecheck to ensure the minimum unit threshold for the program is met (i.e. a Recommended Sequence of Courses unit total should not be 19 if the total units required for the program is 20)

Frequently Asked Question:

Q: The program with a Recommended Course Sequence I want to update has numerous electives, and really, it depends on what the student is interested in, their workload in other courses and/or where they are planning to transfer to, how do I indicate this on the Recommended Course Sequence?

A: At least one elective course must be selected. We are able to indicate if a student should take this course OR any combination of courses totaling the recommended units of the course selected to allow for that additional flexibility. When deciding which elective course or courses to recommend, consider first which courses are offered most frequently (i.e. fall/spring versus just fall), then consider the unit value (i.e. if you have an electives block requiring 3 units be completed and courses in that electives block ranging from 3-4 units, select the lower unit course). By taking scheduling and units into account it provides students additional flexibility as to when they want to satisfy an elective requirement and potentially save them money by not having to pay more for courses of a higher unit value. Remember - these are recommended course sequences, not required, for students and counselors to take into consideration when planning educational goals.