Programs of Study


Majors are paired with a general education pattern to result in an associate degree. Majors are intended to provide the student with a foundation for transfer, training for an occupational field, or sufficient depth in a field of knowledge to contribute to a lifelong interest. The lower division preparation for a specific major to a 4-year institution varies. Students wishing to transfer to a 4-year institution should work with a counselor to plan their lower division, transfer preparation, work. If a major field is not on the list, the student may still be able to prepare for this major by taking appropriate lower division courses. Please discuss such preparation, as well as any questions about an approved major, with a counselor.

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SRJC offers a broad array of occupational certificates that provide a course of study preparing students directly for employment or self-employment upon completion of the program. Most certificate programs are developed through the collaboration of SRJC faculty and industry leaders and employers who sit on advisory committees for the occupational disciplines. There are three types of certificates recognized by the College: Certificates of Achievement, Skills Certificates, and Certificates of Completion (non-credit).

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