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Course Deadlines Related to Schedule Preparation

Requires CRC approval before the online version is posted. Allow additional time for Distance Education.
Spring 2019 Class Schedule Deadlines
9/10/2018 Deadline for submission to Curriculum Office
9/24/2018 Last CRC meeting to approve course changes for Spring 2019
10/29/2018 Spring 2019 Classes on the Web (tentative)
11/19/2018 Spring 2019 Registration begins
Combined Summer and Fall 2019 Class Schedule Deadlines
12/21/2018 Deadline for submission to Curriculum Office
2/1/2019 Past Due courses removed from Fall 2019 schedule
3/11/2019 Last CRC meeting to approve course changes for Summer and Fall 2019
3/29/2019 Summer and Fall 2019 Classes on the Web (tentative)
4/22/2019 Summer and Fall 2019 Registration begins
  • All course proposals must be in the curriculum office 2 full weeks prior to the next scheduled CRC meeting in order to be considered for placement on the CRC Agenda.
  • All New Courses and Course Revisions must have a FALL effective dateRevisions to existing courses or new courses are not approved mid-year unless there are urgent and extenuating circumstances.
  • Cluster Tech Review Committee should meeting by the 2nd or 3rd week after the start of each semester.
  • Distance Education and General Education course proposals take 3 - 5 weeks longer to process.

Summer/Fall 2018 Registration Schedule


2019-20 UC Transferable Courses

Course Effective Date: Fall 2020
Deadlines are imposed to ensure transferability for the students we serve.
3/4/2019 Deadline to submit new, UC Transferable courses (#1-49)
3/25/2019 Last CRC meeting to approve course for submission to UC system
Additional Approval Required UC Office of the President. Our submissions are limited to once annually in July. Please contact Kate Hickman, Articulation Specialist, with questions. The submission is limited to once annually in July. Please contact Kate Hickman, Articulation Specialist, with questions

2018-2019 Curriculum Calendar

8/14/2017 Board of Trustees Meeting
8/27/2017 CRC Meeting
9/3/2017-9/4/2017 No Classes (PDA Day/Labor Day)
9/10/2017 CRC Meeting
9/11/2017 Board of Trustees Meeting
9/24/2017 CRC Meeting
10/8/2017 CRC Meeting
10/9/2017 Board of Trustees Meeting
10/22/2017 CRC Meeting
11/12/2017 No Classes (Veterans Day)
11/13/2017 Board of Trustees Meeting
11/22/2017-11/25/2017 No Classes (Thanskgiving Day Holidays)
11/26/2017 CRC Meeting
12/10/2017 CRC Meeting
12/11/2017 Board of Trustees Meeting
12/24/2017-1/11/2018 No Classes (Semester Break)
1/8/2018 Board of Trustees Meeting
1/22/2018 CRC Meeting
2/12/2018 CRC Meeting
2/13/2018 Board of Trustees Meeting
2/15/2018-2/16/2018 No Classes (PDA Day/Lincoln's Day Holiday)
2/19/2018 No Classes (Washington's Day Holiday)
2/26/2018 CRC Meeting
3/12/2018 CRC Meeting
3/13/2018 Board of Trustees Meeting
3/19/2018-3/25/2018 No Classes (Spring Break)
3/26/2018 CRC Meeting
4/9/2018 CRC Meeting
4/10/2018 Board of Trustees Meeting
4/23/2018 CRC Meeting
5/8/2018 Board of Trustees Meeting
5/14/2018 CRC Meeting
5/28/2018 No Classes (Memorial Day)

2018-19 College Catalog Deadlines

Effective Dates: Fall 2018, Spring 2019, Summer 2019
Deadlines are imposed to ensure compliance with the State Chancellor's Office course inventory and provides accurate information to the students we serve.

Plan for revisions and new courses, consider how course revision impact majors and/or certificates.
Contact Curriculum staff early in the process with questions.

12/22/2017 Deadline for submission of new courses/courses with major changes (CRC Action Items)
1/22/2018 Last CRC meeting to approve course course revisions, new courses, certificate and major additions or revisions. Submissions must be approved at this meeting to be published in the 2018-19 College Catalog.
11/13/2017 Spring 2018 Registration begins

Additional Steps After CRC Approval AND Before We Can Offer the Course:

  1.  Add to the SRJC Board of Trustees' Agenda for Approval
  2.  Submit Applications to State Chancellor's Office for Approval
  3.  For UC Transferable courses, submit application to UC office of the President for Approval (note: usually submitted in July; Responses in November)
  4.  Once approved, update SIS
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