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Curriculum Office Deadlines

Deadline Details
09/10/2019 Spring 2020: Submit courses for 9/23/2019 CRC meeting
12/20/2019 Summer/Fall 2020: Submit course revisions
02/03/2020 Summer/Fall 2020: Courses past due, for 6-year review, removed from fall 2020 schedule
02/24/2020 Summer/Fall 2020: Last CRC meeting to approve course revisions
04/01/2020 Fall 2021: Submit new, UC transferable courses (#1-49) for 4/27/2020 CRC meeting
04/27/2020 2020/21 Catalog deadline: Last CRC meeting to approve new courses, & revisions to certificates/majors.


  • All New Courses, Course Revisions, and Certificate/Major Revisions must have a FALL effective dateRevisions to existing courses, new courses, or new certificates/majors, are not approved mid-year unless there are urgent and extenuating circumstances.
  • Distance Education and General Education course proposals take 3 - 5 weeks longer to process.
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